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1.Enterprise purpose:

The quality: create value quality

The service: win customer service

The good faith: faith based on the market

The Innovation: create our brand

The development: the pursuit of excellence

2.Enterprise style: truth-seeking, pragmatic, diligent, efficient.

3.Enterprise spirit: dedication, struggle, development, innovation.

4.Enterprise image: according to law, management, scientific, civilized, high-quality service, quality, skilled and innovative.

5.Enterprise belief: take the road of entrepreneurship, seek development plan, brilliant chapter.

6.Enterprise values: never satisfied, striving for first-class, perfect self,continuous development.

7.Enterprise internal environment: the harmony between the companies in unison partnership; external relationship development smoothly, from all sides to help me.

8.Business strategy: the implementation of talent, brand, innovation and market development strategy, consolidate and improve the production level of business, development and expansion of processing capacity.

9. Business philosophy: rely on employees to manage enterprises, rely on science and technology to improve quality, rely on quality to win the market, and rely on innovation to promote development.

10.Quality policy: advanced technology, management science, product quality, integrity, re Connaught, service in place.

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